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Free Read: The Sacred Seven Decades

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

The Sacred Seven Decades

Lesbian Fiction, Magical Realism


Gushing on to a mesmerizing full catch of

‘Happily Ever After’ tricks,

the startling virtues of beautiful hearts,

and the fierce fight for

childhood true love dreams and wishes

as the conspired universe

thunders in without warning!

“Dear true love wish:

you could have warned me,

I would find her today –

my heart grits would crack through a piercing challenge –

and my entire life would swerve

into a staggering turn – in NINE DAYS!”

- Ace Hansel

It’s a love snap for

 an affluent Vancouverite, Ace Hansel,

when her childhood true love wish

is transpired in a lovely diva, Dylan Dawson,

whose staunch principles threaten to crush her happiness hopes!

Crashing through her personal crunches: -- vicious exes! -- flashing fame! AND!

Parental interventions with an


to grate on!

Will Dylan stay or run away? ARGH!!!


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