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Debut: The Dream Girl Alchemy

On the same day, a divine intervention

is granted to two strangers that catapults them

to spiralled challenges of their lives.

For Rain, it is a magical intrusion.

An image of a beautiful woman

who flashes through her mind.

For Ash, it is the validation

of her 'worldly magnificence'.

The chance to make her

lifetime dream come true.

As a result of it,

the alarming stages surge in:

urgent yearning, spiritual awakening,

battling against internal blockages,

unknowing chase,

profound familiarity.


Is it a love meant to be?

Or could there be 

a more powerful mystery

working behind it?

What would it take for them to unite?

And how would love destiny

work its magic?

It is a Sapphic Twin Flame Tale

that captures the startling and magical

virtues of love.

RELEASE DATE: March 20, 2020