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The Divine Inspiration Behind The Dream Girl Alchemy

Leading to Rain's remarkable transformation.

Morning. Winter of 2019.

The awareness of time glimmered in. I smiled at my solitary heart.

On the subway. Off to work. My students' anticipation held my heart. As the impromptu methodology intensified their eagerness to learn, obliterating their shuddering fears of traditional books, along with the conventional teaching style that they were used to.

It had been months since I had plunged back into teaching. After over a decade of challenging life - in the name of self-worth and metaphysical discoveries.

Yet the beauty of life meanings still eluded me. Despite seeing the old me. The society's definition of 'professional pursuit.'

It was rush hour. Yet the subway was not packed. I had a seat for the first time. How was it possible? A miracle.

I simply observed the other passengers. Not one agitated soul flicked on their phones. All seemed to be in a pensive mood. Another miracle.

I was proud of mankind.

Then -

A 'swooshing' sound buzzed through my mind. Along with an image. A stunning woman. With the kindest and purest smile. And I could also feel her kindest and purest heart.

Vividly. Tangibly.

An imagination? Or just another miracle.

Though my sensible mind was only focused on the astonishing existence of the other passengers - before the image invaded in.

What was it for? And why? How could this mystery have happened?

A piece of my subconscious? A forewarning of what was to come? A wandering thought?

Yet my spirit knew all the answers and the truths.

As in the next couple of months, I underwent a profound transformation. I followed all the human magic commands. Without questions. Like a wheel of fortune threatening me with the answers and the truths.

Hidden in mankind's hearts. The wonders.

The beauty of life meanings. Found. In a short period of time.

I understood.

I hugged my students goodbye. I might have broken their hearts. Yet I knew that they would all be fine.

What happened to me still lingers on as a breathtaking enigma. However, being awake and understanding the beautiful fragments of love and life - at once -

The awareness of time continues to glimmer in. With one miracle after another.

Human magic.

It was my time to write.

- Light -