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54 Funny and Delightful Quotes on Writing

You've got number one. Great! Let's move on.

2. It's not just keyboard flicking, dude! It's meditation. Om.

3. My uptight rule. I keep my mouth shut.

4. Everything that I used to despise now needs a lot of understanding and love.

5. I don't fear the last line. I fear the very first word.

6. Fragments are absolute thoughts.

7. It is to create, challenge, and provoke. Not to impress.

8. I'm emotionally exhausted while my mental state is in a relaxing breeze. Not fair. Time for a snack.

9. Excuse me. I have some human investigation to do. It's a delicate matter. Do not disturb.

10. It's forbidden to ask me what I'm working on. Remember, I just write.

11. I feel hearts. I find out what they can do. Everything else is trivial.

12. I have nothing to brag about. Let's talk about what's important to you instead.

13. I desire for truths. How and why they're created. By the way, what exactly is hidden in Voynich Manuscript?

14. Readers are always wiser. Never forget.

15. Time to read another classic book.

16. My genre is human nature.

17. A punctuation mark is a serious business.

18. Sensitivity is just as important as fortitude.

19. A reader can catch a lie.

20. Time is life and death. Let's not spend it on mediocrity. Let's thrive to create a legacy.

21. I recognize emotions. Some experienced. Some discovered. The best life treats. Like chocolates and sour gummies.

22. There are countless personalities lurking inside of me. Thank god.

23. I only sit in coffee shops to observe. Then I hide away in my room to keep going.

24. Adverbs can be misleading most of the time. Oh, totally!

25. Get to the point. A new inciting incident is about to break through. Hurry up already!

26. Oh, didn't you just say I'm weird and erratic? Thank you.

27. I meant to write something about vanilla. Then vanilla transformed into mocha. It was not a coincidence. It was meant to be.

28. There is no educated guess. Leave it to Science.

29. You want to know a part of me? Read my favorite book.

30. I can tell what a fudge or an exotic food tastes like just by looking at it. My senses are that expansive. And I may even know what you're thinking right now. Nope! You got it wrong, buddy!

31. Literary rules are not that important to me. The truths of the story and the characters are. And it's non-negotiable.

32. To look for an ending is like finding a needle in a haystack.

33. Emotional fulfillment is found in the flow. Not upon completion.

34. When I had the epiphany that it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life, the first two things that I did were to hang on to my day job without mercy and get myself insured. The third one was to keep on writing.

35. I can't count how many I have already written before I've had the full courage to send one to the most credible reviewers I can ever find.

36. It's like a carnival. Frightening, fun, and wistful. With or without going for the rides.

37. When I'm immersed, I experience a slice of heaven.

38. I allow my senses to go berserk.

39. The entire process is a life-changing experience itself. But I learn more when a reader tells me how it has made her feel.

40. Just because you write doesn't mean you're wiser. You write because you desire to be wiser.

41. Sometimes characters are more real than real humans.

42. I don't bargain. I don't cringe away either. I go tough on the characters. I tug their hearts out until they plead for mercy, and they must find a way out by themselves.

43. It's not a mental exercise. Neither an imagination. It's feeling and living a life that I would even fear myself in the real world.

44. I'm over-caffeinated. So don't you dare look at me. The people in my head are pounding for attention. They're wondering as to how and when I can make them suffer more.

45. Leave cerebral contexts to scholars. Duh?

46. The heart of the story only needs one word to make it to thousands. Don't confuse it with logic.

47. Never disappoint your characters. Keep them moving forward. Into the unknown, by all means.

48. It's about the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beauty that must come out of it all.

49. Whatever you do, don't peek in. It's a consecrated site.

50. I'm not desperate for socioeconomic status and recognition. I'm showing hearts and souls about life. I'm afraid that's my integrity trumpeting out. And that's all I care about. (Though we can always try with beautiful intentions hidden behind.)

51. It's a sense of freedom confined in solitary nights that are just as satisfying as traveling to an enchanting place without rules and safety.

52. The truth is always found in the darkest night. Defying light does the job. Always.

53. Write as if you're telling a story to a loved one. Don't sound like an erudite robot. Unless you're one.

54. It's between the characters and their problems. I'm out of it.

Disclaimer: These are snagged out of my personal opinions. Love 'em. Hate 'em. Agree or disagree. They are for what they are. No justification needed.

Love you!

- Light -